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Industry Interaction Center

Industry Interaction Center:
To ensure ample industry exposure to our students, we constantly innovate in bridging the gap between Industry and Academia. Below are the few Key Points from our Industry MoUs (The Total Number of MoUs 27)
  • Delivering guest lectures and Workshops

  • Academic / Research Projects Guidance

  • Long term guidance to Selected Students

  • Faculty Engagement / Development / Training Programs

  • Collaborative participation in R&D programs / Projects which are funded by government organizations.

  • Consultancy services for Development of Joint Scientific and Research Projects.

  • Establishing / Activating/ Supporting existing “Center of Excellence” at Institutions

  • Assisting students and faculty members in submitting patents and Publications.

  • Mutual access to digital/ physical library and Lab

  • Guiding / Involving faculty members in real time Applications of  Defense Programs.