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At TEC, we assure you quality in everything we provide to the students be it academic environment, teaching or  avant-garde infrastructure. Our Faculty is our greatest resource as most of them are award winning personnel’s from National Organizations.

The programmes we offer are flexible, innovative and cutting edge as our curriculum is designed with inputs from experts in their respective fields of study.

Students receive guidance from hard-working & purpose driven people giving impetus to analyze, discuss and debate over the curriculum and other activities alike.

This collaborative environment helps them to gain inspiration and support to succeed as they choose a career of their choice. Every student is evaluated throughout the semester.

The Basic Science & Engineering science courses are taught by highly qualified academicians

All the Basic science and Engineering science courses are delivered by highly qualified academicians and associated high-caliber specialists, and are underpinned by world-class research and pedagogical expertise and frameworks. A balance of theory and practice is key. Practice based learning and project based labs are our hall marks. This will help to   learn concepts and strategies that can be applied to working life immediately, significantly enhancing their career prospects.

TEC’s Academic Structure offers flexibility to students and Research is given utmost importance to the undergraduate and higher degree programmes as well. Having several interdisciplinary courses across different departments collaborating to create a strong workable atmosphere for everyone.

The Freshman Engineering Department is TEC’s Unique wing which caters to the needs of the freshers providing a well organized platform for their social and academic development.

 Every department has Research Centers for Excellence here at TEC. These centers conduct various academic activities like Research, Teaching an. d Industrial Consultancy. The Communication and Soft Skills department helps students construct their personality and hone their communication skills to complement their academics and technical skills.

The Academic atmosphere at TEC is one of a kind energy combining the modern day technical skills and traditional ones as well imparting knowledge. The pass outs from TEC made the country proud through their endeavours. 

TEC has research and scholarship strengths in all  the academic disciplines that is sure to find the sort of discipline one is looking for.