<h2><strong>DR. K.V. Balamukunda</strong>

DR. K.V. BalamukundaDirector


Director Message:

In the quest of knowledge and with a mission to empower the students in their becoming excellent human resources and to contribute meaningfully to the nation and the human society, TEC has started its services from 2009. It offers wide range of educational programs in the field of technology. TEC has a rich tradition of pursuing academic excellence value based education and providing a conducive environment for overall personality development of students. In addition to their excellent teaching the faculty members are actively involved in the grooming of the students.

The academic programs offered by TEC are comprehensive and as per the affiliated university and are continuously being upgraded over and above the university syllabus to keep pace with latest developments and innovations in associated discipline with necessary blend of IT and Management

We are looking for students from region and India, who can utilize our high standard of teaching-learning process offered by qualify teachers using state of the art laboratories, audio visual aids and Internet/Intranet. Our Objective is to create a breed of qualified innovative and dynamic professionals for corporate sectors, the service industry, self-employment and for academic and for research institutions of socio-economic importance.

We strongly belonging in human values and our commitment to the nation and human society. Accordingly our teaching learning process is based on motivating factors, discipline although in relaxed natural ambience. At TEC infrastructure, curriculum faculty and students i.e. four basic components of education system are perfectly blended to ensure our vision.

We have created a secured, congenial and good environment for both boys and girls students to make it their coveted educational destination. And we are only in the process of further development.

Wishing the students good luck and best time with community and their parents at TEC, Tadipatri.

As director I am proud to bring to the notice and one and all that the students are cancelled and cared at every step right from admission point to the point their exit from the college.

Making every individual students realize their ambitions of an efficient engineer and appropriate placements

Though the college is of rural in nature with meager financial income and students of different walks of life with no barrier of medium of instructions at school level. We leave no page unturned in bringing them on path to compete with urban students from other senior private colleges and university students. One can visualize and appreciate this, above mentioned herculious task in moulding students from rural areas.