EEE Department Extracurricular Activities


  • The College does supports the physical and mental fitness of the students as equally as they give importance to the academics.
  • Sports is a regular activity which is included in their curriculum so that every student could maintain his/her physical fitness and bring out the talents of the wards in different sports and activities.

Meditation Classes

  • College takes care about the students who are lagging with confidence, mind mapping etc.
  • They bought the people from various societies who train people with meditation and such activities to help the students to overcome their mental abilities.

Blood Donation Camp

  • College also cares about the social responsibilities of students and they will encourage the students to serve the society by providing different NSS activities and Blood donation camps in and out of the campus, areas like villages and flood and drought affected areas.
  • Irrespective of the gender all the staff and students participate in such activities and show their concern towards the society

College Environment

  • The college provides good environment to study and emerge in new areas as to their interests.
  • The college has a big lawn where students sit and share their ideas and develop their skills and bring out new thoughts.