ECE Department  Students Achievements

ROBOHUNT a Robotic workshop  conducted by TEC & IIT,Kanpur

A 2-day national level Workshop on Hand Gestured Robotics was conducted on 19th&20th Feb 2k14 by Tadipatri Engineering College and IIT Kanpur. The workshop was inaugurated by the chief guest Dr.K. Ramanaidu garu, Professor of ECE , JNTUA  College of Engineering, Anantapur. In this workshop 14 batches each of 5 members, totally 70 students have participated. Out of all the batches one of the batch went and won the prize in IIT  Kanpur. This event was organized by Conveners ECE HOD G.V Narasimhulu , I/C HOD of ECE  C.Ahalya and   Asst.Prof. M.Rizwana.

 Technical fest organized by ECE [ECLETEC-2014]

Department of ECE has organised an  National level symposium along with various events like paper presentation, poster presentation, quiz, traditional fashion etc,. More number of participants were from various colleges.

In paper presentation 54 papers were selected and best 3 papers won 3 different prizes worth 5000. Not only technical events but also sports were also given equal priority and 4 different sports were organized in the EClETEC fest.

Science fest

Every year the department organizes a science fest as a token of respect for the Noble Laureate Sir C.V.Raman for his invention of Raman Effect.

All the students come up with their own ideas and implement them and exhibit their experiments.

Different college students and faculty are invited to visit this fest and make the students to improve their various skills.

Exhibited projects:

  1. Home security system by laser
  2. Automatic Plant Irrigation system
  3. Automatic train accident detection System
  4. FM Radio.
  5. SMOKE and FIRE Detection system
  6. Wireless LED Notice Board
  7. Hand Gesture Cursor Movement
  8. Simple Mobile charger

Visit of IISC Banglore


  • On March 1st 2014 on behalf of open day celebrations of IISc Bangalore, ECE staff and students have visited the IISc campus. We have visited so many projects exhibited at IISc Bangalore.
  • In the campus we visited the department of electronics system engineering where live projects like generation of music using DSP, security system projects like web monitoring of person by robot, DSP based face recognition, etc.
  • In the nano technology department we visited various stages of fabrication of IC’s manufacturing rooms like oxidation, lithography, photoresist layer formation, etc. In this we also personally went into the cleaning room which is the first stage in fabrication of IC.


  • Department has visited wind mills as a part of academics to get more information and knowledge in practice. We practically saw how the each tower will convert wind to power.



The department is proud to display the students’ achievement in various categories as follows:

  • Bhanu prakash meher and team stood 3rd place in National level robohunt competition held in IIT Kanpur.
  • Students participated in pool drive held in Banglore, Hyderabad and many other colleges and are placed in different companies.
  • Brahmani from 4th ECE got 1st prize in JNTU, Anantapur on presenting PPT.
  • She also got 2nd prize in Annamacharya Institute of Technology for the PPT.
  • Lakshmi from 4th ECE got 2nd prize in PPT.
  • Yamuna from 4th ECE received 2nd prize from Annamacharya Institute of Technology, Tirupati.
  • Bhyagyalakshmi from 4th ECE got 3rd prize in PPT from Seshachala Institute of Technology, Anantapur.
  • From 3rd ECE, Maheswaramma & Sreelakshmi won the 3rd prize from C.V.Raman Institute of Technology and sciences.
  • Mamatha from 3rd ECE got 3rd prize from Pullareddy Engineering College, Kurnool for PPT.
  • Jhansi from 3rd year received 3rd prize from TEC in science fest.
  • Janardhan from 3rd ECE received 3rd prize from TEC on the eve of science fest.
  • Bhyagyalakshmi & Saibaba from 4th ECE won 1st prize in Mobile Robotics workshop from TEC.
  • Vidyarani from 3rd ECE won 1st prize from attending TEC sports event.
  • Shravyachandra received 1st prize by attending PPT in JNTU, Anantapur.
  • Sreelakshmi from 3rd ECE got 3rd prize in PPT from C.V.Raman Institute of Technology and sciences.
  • Venkata surendra has represented as a captain for state hockey team of AP and won runners cup held in Guntur 2014.

ECE Department  Faculty Achievements

The department is proud to display the faculties’ achievement in various categories.

R.Ashok Reddy:

  1. R.Ashok Reddy has published one paper.


  1. C. AHALYA has attended 6 National Level seminars and workshops in Various colleges.
  1. She also attended one Faculty Development Program in Pulliah College of  Engineering, Kurnool.