About H&S Department

The School of Humanities and Sciences is the soul (the core) of engineering education. It’s one of the primary reasons why students learn basic skills in sciences at engineering colleges. The goal of educating cultured and useful citizens remains as relevant today as it was earlier. But the definition of such an education has dramatically changed.

The world has changed; the students have changed and the education provided by the School of Humanities and Sciences has risen to meet the challenge.

Humanities courses can have two functions. One is to introduce all the students to the basic ideas of the history of science, the philosophy of science, the sociology of science, the relation between science and society, and the ethics of science. The other is the role of other human activities such as literature and art in the context of science, and so on.

However, these departments have often been viewed as second-class departments which were primarily there to offer ‘service’ courses to the science and engineering students.