The Examination Cell is to hold the examination activities of the college under the University of JNTUA. Teaching and evaluation are the two sides of a coin. Exam cell plays a key role in evaluation part. The Exam Cell in TECH is a confidential section with the responsibility of smooth conduct of Internal Assessment Tests and JNTUA University Examinations (both Theory and Practical) for all courses in fair and systematic manner. The Exam Cell is under the direct supervision of the Principal with Section Incharge Mr.B.Javeed Basha, Asst. Prof/Dept. Of. CSE along with the support of Department Exam Cell Co-coordinators from each department.

1. Primary Functions of the Exam Cell are :

Conducting Internal Assessment Tests(MID I & MID II) for both UG & PG students

Monitoring Marks Entry

Conducting Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Theory and Practical Examinations

Exam Cell serves all Examination notices received from University to all concerned.

Exam Cell prepares Circulars for students regarding Exam Fee Collection, the last date of fee Collection, Modalities of payments etc.

Exam Cell takes all precautions while preparing Examination Time table for MID I and MID II, Collecting question papers, Invigilation duty chart, seating plans for the students in the Examination halls, smooth conduct of Examinations, preparing Evaluation summary, etc.

Exam Cell mobilizes the proper staff during the Examination time, and assigning them duty as per the duty chart already prepared.

Exam Cell takes necessary steps for evaluation of Answer sheets to the concerned teachers after completion of the Internal Examinations (MID I & II).

Exam Cell keeps all records pertaining to examinations.

Exam Cell staff addresses grievances of staff and students on all examination related issues.


2. Continuous Internal Examinations:

Internal Examination of theory is to be conducted by the Exam Cell all through the semester. Total marks of each course are 30. This shall include 25 marks from the 0.8 of Maximum marks and 0.2 of minimum marks obtained in the descriptive/objective examinations and 5 marks for assignments as per R20 syllabus and this shall include 20 marks from the 0.8 of Maximum marks and 0.2 of minimum marks obtained in the descriptive/10 marks for objective examinations as per R15 syllabus. In descriptive/objective examination, student has to answer all 4 questions of 10 marks each in 120 minutes duration; the total marks of 40 shall be scaled down to 25. For PG Programme (M.Tech) internal examination of theory is to be conducted by the Exam Cell of total marks of each course 40. This shall include 40 marks from the descriptive as per R19 Syllabus. As per R21 Syllabus internal examination of theory is to be conducted by the Exam Cell of total marks of each course 30 marks for descriptive and 10 marks for objective of each course.

ii Out of total 25 lab internal marks, 10 marks are for day to day evaluation, 5 marks are for record and 10 marks are for internal test.

iii. Semester End Examinations The external examination shall be conducted at the end of the semester for 70 marks.

The question paper shall be set by the University (JNTUA) in the following pattern:

•Part–A: There shall be compulsory first question containing 10 two mark Questions and these are to be set from the entire syllabus.

•Part–B: There shall be one question from each unit with internal choice. Each question carries 10 marks. Each Theory course shall consist of five units of syllabus.

•Lab Courses (Practical / Practice / Workshop): Out of 100 marks, 70 marks are awarded for examination and 30 marks for internal examination.

3. Question Paper Setting:

In our college a common question paper template is followed.

· It consists of questions, CO address and corresponding blooms taxonomy level.

· Controller of Examiner schedules the assessments test in advance to the faculty members so that question papers can be prepared and submitted to the same in advance.

· Faculty members will submit the question paper to HOD in the required format by suitably covering the CO’s and Knowledge levels based on blooms taxonomy

· To ensure the coverage of CO’s and knowledge levels HOD will review the questions and it will be submitted to exam cell.

· Model Examination of Labs is also conducted at the end of the every semester.

· Correction of papers are done in a separate hall and then HODs randomly go through the exam paper of the students for effective process Corrected answer papers is distributed to the students with scheme and will ask them for any correction errors and suitably rectified.

· Assignment will be given to the students for only in higher level CO’s ( Apply & above)

· In a semester, there are two tests. Each of the tests consists of descriptive questions as well as Objective. The average of the best two tests is considered for final internal assessment.

4.Organization Architecture:






Printer for Variable Data



Xerox Machines